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Information Security and Digital Forensics Research Foundation (hereinafter referred to as ISDFRF, which term includes every one of its associate organizations) may request personal and company information in order to ensure that the provision of services accessible from ISDFRF web sites, including registration for newsletters and certain content, are tailor made to specific environments, requirements and preferences.  ISDFRF uses this information only for the purposes of fine tuning the delivery of services to users of their web site.  ISDFRF tracks anonymous demographic data for analyzing trends and creating generic statistics for internal study and research purposes.

Submission of personal information is entirely by your choice and you are not under any obligation to submit such personal information that you may not wish to provide. If you do not wish to provide any part of your personal information online, you may still have access to many parts of this Web site, with the exception of content that may need some amount of your personal information to make the availability of such content relevant to you.  At any point, if you wish to be excluded from receiving any correspondence from ISDFRF, you may do so by opting out during the process of providing personal information or any time via the Web interface or after receiving e-mail(s) from ISDFRF.

ISDFRF will NOT disclose your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to any third party except to comply with requirements of any law for the time being in force or to comply with an order of a court of any quasi-judicial authority or law enforcement agency.

Where disclosure of your PII may be required for any purpose other than those stated in the above paragraph, you will be notified and also be provided with an opportunity to opt out.  While this situation exists only as a theoretical possibility now, ISDFRF will be very careful not to make this a regular feature.

When ISDFRF may be required by judicial or quasi-judicial authorities or law enforcement agencies to disclose any PII, ISDFRF will do so upon receipt of the appropriate documentation and will keep the disclosure limited to required extent as would meet the legally enforceable demand and no more.  ISDFRF may also provide information, including PII to law enforcement agencies to protect its property (both tangible and intangible) and for safeguarding the health and safety of individuals, either directly or indirectly associated with ISDFRF or at large, so long as provision of such information is not repugnant to the letter and / or spirit of any statute.

ISDFRF will not sell or otherwise disclose PIIs for commercial consideration.  ISDFRF will enforce such policies and practices that will sufficiently protect the PIIs from commercial exploitation though ISDFRF does not accept any responsibility for leakage of or alteration to any PII stored on their systems.

Links to External Material

The appearance of hyperlinks on ISDFRF web site pointing to third-party Web sites does not constitute an endorsement or approval or recommendation by ISDFRF of these web sites, or information, products, or services contained therein.  ISDFRF does not have knowledge of the privacy practices of any third party site to which a reference is made nor is ISDFRF in any way responsible for nor does it influence the privacy policies of these sites to which a hyperlink may appear on ISDFRF web site.  ISDFRF shall have no responsibility or liabilities whatsoever for violation of PIIs via these sites, in any manner whatsoever.


Cookies are generally used to provide tailored information to users of the web site.  ISDFRF may use cookies to provide you better service when you return to our site. While ISDFRF will take all reasonable precautions in using cookies, any rouge cookie that may be inserted maliciously or any unauthorized interception and alteration of PIIs that had been used by the Cookie will be totally outside the scope of ISDFRF’s responsibility to the users and there shall be no claim whatsoever arising from such scenarios.


ISDFRF data networks are protected by industry-standard password protection and verification systems.  Its security and privacy policies are periodically reviewed and changes made, as deemed appropriate.  Only authorized individuals have access to the information provided by users. Registration account passwords are encrypted before they are sent to ISDFRF and these are not accessible to any unauthorized users. Any other sensitive information and PIIs, including credit card numbers and addresses, may not be secure when it is transmitted over the Internet to reach our web servers.

While ISDFRF takes all possible steps to ensure that information sent to it is treated securely and in accordance with its Privacy Policy, please be advised that no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be secure.  As a result ISDFRF does not and cannot guarantee the security of any information being sent to it via the Internet.