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Information Security & Digital Forensics Research Foundation (ISDFRF)

Information Security and Digital Forensics Research Foundation (ISDFRF) is established as a research and certification foundation, incorporated in the United States. The primary objective of this foundation is to support and encourage education and research in emerging areas of information security and digit al forensics. As a first step, ISDFRF is establishing a framework and process for evaluation and certification of knowledge, skills and competencies of individuals; particularly in areas related to information security and digital forensics.

Validated projections point to significant increase in the demand for professionals with skills in information security and digital forensics. This demand is driven by the rapidly increasing numbers in cybercrimes being committed and the steadily increasing losses due to cyber crimes. The battle against cyber crimes is being fought at different levels with various stakeholders pitching their best to combat this menace. However,the amount of loss keeps increasing by the day. It is in this context that ISDFRF sees its role in protecting digital assets and help investigate digital crimes through the creation of a global pool of competent individuals.

ISDFRF operates in India through a registered trust for handling its activities in Asia and Africa while the US office will handle the European and American geographies.

What will ISDFRF do in the short term?

  • Create a common body of knowledge that will reflect the needs of all stakeholders involved in mitigating the risk of cyber crimes
  • Establish a process of assessing and certifying individuals who demonstrate competence in the various areas covered by the common body of knowledge
  • Validate the independence and integrity of the process of certifying individuals who have demonstrated competence, skill and knowledge through a rigorous examination / testing process.
  • Award certificates to those who pass the test / examination and demonstrate hands-on competence through lab exercises
  • Enter into a contract with educational logistics service providers to handle the logistics of the examination including liaising with Subject Matter Experts; hosting the questions on a secure server; oversee the administration of the examination and validate that the exams were conducted under appropriate conditions.
  • Maintain a record of all certificates issued and validate such certificates.

What will ISDFRF do in the long term?

  • Liaise with universities and other academic institutions to identify areas of research and actively participate in taking such research activities to its logical fruition
  • Serve as an interface between the group comprising of technologists, law enforcement and judiciary and the group comprising researchers and academicians to transfer the academic knowledge to industry specific applications in the area of cybercrime management and digital forensics.
  • To participate in global and national forums and support efforts at establishing comprehensive legislations against cyber crimes and support creation of appropriate policy initiatives cutting across national borders.

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